Andechs, Heiligeberg in Bavaria

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Andechs Monastery
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Thanks to Thomas & Jenny who invited us for a nice Sunday sightseeing in green, fresh, restful and relaxing Andechs. Andechs is a small municipality in the district of Starnberg and where we were exactly was Andechs Abbey. Climbing to a small hill, Heiligeberg, you can see a mini golf area, and after a Baroque style Catholic church with a nice view of the Alps. And on the right side, of course, a an open air Beer Garden welcomes you.
Andechs Monastery Biergarten Image source :

Andechs Monastery Biergarten
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I would like the church guys to keep my memorial letter in the visitor book dated as 22.03.2009 and “Good to be here, İsa sizi korusun. Istanbul’dan sevgilerle – Jesus saves you, greets from Istanbul” written on it. Then on a sunny day, sitting on the benches, you must try the 1 liter Andechser Spezial Hell. Have fun !
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