195 Countries In an Entire Life

Image source : hildacastillo.com

Image source : hildacastillo.com

According to About.com, there are 195 independent countries in the world. Since my young ages, I have been always keeping the passion of travelling to all the countries in the world. Actually, do not know what you think, but, the target does not seem so extraordinary or impossible 🙂 Here to cross out all the countries and capitals during my 60 (?) more years, I would like to keep them here in my blog. Check out the long list. How many of them have you completed since far ?
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4 Responses

  1. ilkim begum kaya says:

    only 20 countries so far 🙁 there is still left 175 countries which means i should visit app. 3 countries each year which also means i should earn more!!

  2. Mark H says:

    I’m around the 80 mark and 195 seems a very long way away, though visiting coutnries to tick them off isn’t as much of a goal for me.

  3. Hey Mark, of course the reason why I posted this was not having a list to tick. Mainly, I wanted to show also, as it is so for some people, the popular (!) touristic places are not the only ones to see, enjoy, experience…It´s a post showing the enthusiasm of discovering all around the world. Still I don´t think that 195 seems so far away for you 🙂


  4. Anonymous says:

    I thought the point was not to cross of names on a list, the idea children is to live every country as if you were a native to the soil.Whether its 195 or 5, as long as you can fall in love in each one, youve seen enough to satisfy the soul.
    Oh,in case youre wondering, Im about 20 in myslef:)