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Hahah, this cover photo belongs to Skeletor Pub, I loved the style 🙂 Never mind…
For sure there´s much more to tell about my Slovenia trip than this little post, but it´s inadequate when you try to tell about your trip experiences to other people. Don´t have the same effect when you live them or speak about them. But anyways, sharing makes the world richer 🙂
First of all, I would sincerely thanks to Boštjan and his so hospitable family. I am so impressed by their way of hosting me and I have a very little surprise for them soon 🙂
About getting to Slovenia, I must tell that from West Europe, you can always find some cheap train tickets to the eastern ones. Just you must check the local train stations where you want to start your journey. They are comparatively slow, but no matter if you have a night trip. Take your seat and have a deep sleep until your alarm clock or the narcotic police wakes you up. When I arrived in Maribor train station, it was an accidental start, yeah we had a very little accident which was quite funny. Then directly to a local pizzeria, Lili, having a pizza and directly to the town that I spent a great time, Rače.

It s a town of nearly 2.000 people where you will for sure enjoy the nature and the traditional Slovenian town culture. Even if you are coming from a big tiring city, it really worths to be here. Enjoying the Krajinski Park, riding a bike all around the town with Primož, eating the gelato-like ice cream, driving through the Berlin Wall like construction wall, having a short visit to the local sports airport, playing with our intelligent doggie, Elf, Menza Grad, green over green, Anica´s so delicious food, Marko´s bass trials, Simon´s wonderwoodland, Anja-Katja-Teja´s amazing solo voice performance and so much more. I can shortly say that I had one of best times in my travels in Rače, and maybe the first Turk guy attending the Obcinska Revija Pevskih Zborov 🙂

Then taking our way to the oldest city of Slovenia, Ptuj, enjoying the museum inside the Ptuj Castle where you can see this traditional carnival costume of Slovens.

After Ptuj, in the evening, taking our way to Gornja Radgona which is a border city to Bad Radkersburg, Austria. For me, it was so enjoyable to visit the little village and see how the real nature is. Feeding the horses, watching the milk cows, tasting the home made wines, home made and produced food and so on…And afterwards walking through the river Mura to Austria.

Haha, what a surprise for me to cross the border by walking 5 min.s. And in the border of Austria and Slovenia, drinking our EFES beers. Good work in exporting the brand.
Then the next day, comes the beautiful champion Maribor. A beauty that lies near the river Drava…It does not take so long to walk around the city; you can view the city over the cathedral, Stolna Cerkev, don´t forget to write some stupid stuff under my memorial post 🙂

Walk in the central street, go down to Drava, see the Wine beauty in the oldest vine yard in the world, Stara Trta. Lucky we are that, there was a kind of workshop festival in the center where all the artists could show their skills, from woodmen to coiffeurs, from barmen to cooks…Free wine and coctails and lovely harmonica & accordion show.
Then a long hiking to the half top of Pohorje showed that I need some condition. Afterwards enjoying the Slovenian songs in a tiny music festival, one of the groups in that festival, Vokalna skupina A cappella, was really amazing. You can reach their Facebook groups here and enjoy their music and maybe even attend one of their events. And by the way, all these times, there were always two friends with me too, Laško and Union, the beer brands in Slovenia. I advice you to drink Laško, but still you can try Union Smile as a light choice. One thing I must add here is that on Fridays don´t expect so much from Maribor nightlife. They say that people only prefer Saturdays to go out 🙂 Actually on Friday night when we were out, we were the only one out 🙂

On Saturday, I mean, 23 Maj 2009, there´s one event that will be always in my mind. It was the day of NK Maribor, the 2009 champion of Slovenian football league. All n all, it was so great entering the stadium, supporting Maribor with thousands of Slovenian fans, trying to understand the marches and attending the championi party after. Was really cool ! The team has not so many but loyal and passionate fans. Here you can watch the best march of Maribor that I really loved to listen. After the match there was a ceremony with some local singers and football federation members, footballers, etc..Here, I am so thankful to Marko that he grabbed the form of Zoran Pavlovič, the captain 🙂 while all players were throwing out their memorial forms. With all details, was a nice time to remember…

After the match, long night until morning in KMŠ (Klub Maribor Študentsko:) Stay awake with nice people with delicious beer & tequila & wine & whatever !

Next day, all day was in Ljubljana driving through Trojane, a station where you can eat the most famous doughnuts. Ljubliana is a beautiful small capital with more posh people than other Slovenians, they say so 🙂

During the day, wandering around, sitting in a pub by the river, checking the Skeletor Pub where I sat for a coctail in that evening, saying goodbye to friends, walking all around the city for 5 hours, eating Börek, going to the train station, studying German for one hour there, taking the train back to Munich…..

Loved the beautiful people of Slovenia, sincerely.

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