Enjoy Tuscany : Pisa & Florence, Italy

2 full days in 2 Tuscan cities. Can sound like an industrialized fast-trip but was not at all. We found a good price (2 eu) to fly with Ryan Air from Memmingen, Germany to Pisa, Italy. The worst situation in these kind of flights is the fucked up flight timetables. But anyways, it always works to drink some tequila shots in Black & White (there will be a long post about this pub later), then miss the shuttle, decide to take the next train, forget the passports at home, go back and take them, wait in the airport for hours, forget the check in papers at home, pay extra money to Ryan Air, always let a deodorant, perfume or a cream at the security desk and so on….Many funny stuff but does not sound interesting here ­čÖé
So let┬┤s continue with Pisa. When you arrive in the airport, be sure that you can walk anywhere inside the city. It takes about 15-20 min.s to get to the city center. It┬┤s really a small city with a main street which leads you to the Pisa Leaning Tower, La Torre di Pisa.
Yeah we are tourists, ofc, we were there. Actually apart from enjoying the little streets, and the main street and the Pisa tower, Pisa doesn┬┤t offer you more. Sorry to Pisa citizens, but it┬┤s a good on-my-way station to Florence. And, well, still there are many people who are taking the same shots with Pisa Tower as here. Get more info about Pisa here, if you are interested. Plus, good to publish this guy below as he jumped on us not to take his illegal mobile shop ­čÖé Happy earnings man, no worries !

Nice to learn that it┬┤s the city of Fibonacci, that I only remember him from Calculus 2 Math courses. From Pisa to Florence you can find a direct train 3 times in every hour. But there are no night trains between, so take care. It costs 5,6 euros per each person.Florence welcomes you with its unique architecture. As almost everyone knows the art & renaissance of Florence, it┬┤s not that hard to feel it when you are inside the city.

Il Duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore, is so so attracting with all the little details on the building but does not have the same effect inside it. The medieval walls surrounding the center of the city, the Giotto┬┤s Campanile, Piazza del Signoria, the main central streets taking you directly to the river, and many of the other wonders as you see here, will make you feel the MidAge Athens.

Now, some special memories or personal advices about Florence. If one of you will stay in this hostel, Adre Florence, this hostel can surprise you as you won┬┤t be able to find its place for 1 hour turning and turning around. But if you are lucky like us, they will be providing some rooms in their hotel, Hotel Veneto which is comparatively much better. So at least you can try if you don┬┤t have a better option. But short of all, I never advice you to stay in a hostel, hotel, etc. Try staying in a local┬┤s house, always works better !

Try great icecreams for sure, like 5 times a day, you won┬┤t regret. One good place is Gelato Festival, a icecream shop quite in the center, on main street and which looks like a strip club from outside. Hehe, no, we already knew that it was a icecream shop not other kinds of creams ­čÖé

Take a long walk by the river. Walk till the end, try to explore back streets. Talk to people on your way. Take some photos of the houses on the bridge.

Kiss the biggest lips…

There was a after wedding meeting in front of the Duomo. Was funny but I still wonder if the bride was drunk or high ­čÖé Hehe, she looked like. Hope they had a satisfactory night afterwards. Happy anniversaries !!!

And my favourite guy in Florence ! Our Indian hero who offered us so delicious food and the cheap beer to go. I promised him to write about him and if you are in Florence with a group of people, you must for sure try his so delicious sandwiches. And unlike other sellers, he has fair prices. I will always appreciate his honesty, respect in his job and hospitality. The name of the market is “Market Wine Shop – Di tutto un fo” , the market is 10 years old now, open from 10 till midnight. The address is “Via del Palazzuolo n110 Firenze”. You can see in the map here. Greets again !

So I , for sure, advice anyone to visit Florence (and Pisa – half of the day) as Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Amerigo Vespucci, Florence Nightingale and many others did so.

You can reach all the other pics that I took here.



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  1. Irazca says:

    haha ilk foto─črafa ├žok g├╝ld├╝m sabah sabah.

    ama sonra d├╝┼č├╝nd├╝m, biz kad─▒k├Ây’deki bo─čay─▒ avu├žlayarak b├╝y├╝m├╝┼č bir nesiliz, ┼ča┼č─▒rt─▒c─▒ gelmedi sonra ;))

  2. Hehe, Iraz┬┤cim diger milletlerin nesillerinin fotolarini g├Ârsen en masum pozun bu oldugu konusunda bana hak verirdin. O boga ayri bir mesele, boga fotolari diye bir blog vardi hatta yanlis hatirlamiyorsam ­čÖé

  3. Amod says:

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  4. Thanks Amod for your comments. For sure, the wedding experience was interesting, I d be searching more maybe when I am more into getting married ­čÖé Btw, your tourism packages and advices about India also took my attention, I d like to use one day for my India trip. Kepp in touch ! greets, onur