176th Oktoberfest in Munich

Image source : oktoberfestgirls. blogspot.com

Image source : oktoberfestgirls. blogspot.com

Time has almost come for the next Oktoberfest which will take part here in Munich between 19th September and 4th October 2009. Already you can find all the historical info in Wikipedia here and all tips and general info in Oktoberfest Official Website here. For me it will be the first time in Oktoberfest and actually am quite wondering about the biggest beer festival (more than 6 million visitors) in the world. Unlike the typical beering in Munich – beergarden, wurst, beer – this festival must be extending the limits of fun, beer, food, music, and so on…Plus, I recommend both myself and you to watch this Oktoberfest movie called Beerfest. Enjoy the trailer here.

Apart from the fun part, this event for sure, is a big industry itself. All the job opportunities during the festival (working hard, carrying tons of 1 liter glasses and earning quite good money), one of the most successful tourism advertisement of Munich and Germany (even the festival association wants Oktoberfest to be in Unesco´s World Heritage list, read it here) , millions of Euros for the German economy (not only beers and food, but all souvenirs, additional city tours, travel agencies, dirndl – lederhosen prices, etc..) and many other mostly economical and advertising benefits.

Hopefully, I will try to observe and experience 176th Oktoberfest as much as I can and you will find more related posts here with several videos and photos. Prost !

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can assure you that you´´re gonna have so much fun as never before. Only the atmosphere when you arrive in the tent makes you wanna dance:) Not mentioning the girls looking so girly. I love this festival cos you can totally be yourself and behave the stupidest way and everyone will love you though:)
    Just a little tip: at the weekend you gotta get there in the morning when the festival starts that means 9am. Otherwise you have no chance to get a table in the tent. But during the week in the afternoon if you take some girls in Dirndls with you, there is a good chance having a getting a table for 8 people:)))
    So I see you there!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    have fun with beers and the girls!!!!