Bavarianize Me with Nature & Beer : Tegernsee

A nice chill out Sunday in Bavarian Tegernsee lying under the Alps is over. Actually if you are living in Munich and looking for one day trips around, you have various kinds of nature, forests, lakes, mountains, etc. opportunities, concurrently this is the only option ­čÖé From my first day till now, I am amazed how Bavarians built up BierGarten s all over Bavaria, over the mountains, in the middle of lakes, inside the forests..The story for Istanbul that wherever you walk down, you will reach the seaside can be applied for Bavarians as bier gartens. About this topic, please read why the beer identified with Bavarians, the reason is Reinheitsgebot.

Tegernsee is a nice area for hikers, though if you are an ordinary beer drinking big belly guy, you can of course enjoy the beautiful scene inside the peaceful green. What you will find there is the nature. If you are not so in to, do not even try to go there, nothing more. Who else in Tegernsee except us were the rich oldies and some everywhere Chinese tourists. One more, if you need a silent, peaceful, sportful day in the virgin nature, Tegernsee is highly recommended.

If you are located inside Bavaria, you can come together upto 5 people, take the Bayerische Ticket, or some special BOB tickets (24 euros, cheaper than Bayern ticket) and in 1 hour you are there. Enjoy !

Randomly in Tegernsee 1

Randomly in Tegernsee 1


Randomly in Tegernsee 2

Randomly in Tegernsee 2

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  1. thank you very much and one day I would really love to honourize this blog with some greece stories ! keep in touch !

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    Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!