2009 passed through Munich

 I think time has come to write some things about my 2009 city, München, after spending full 10 months with many memories. It was a strange year, deciding to move from my home country to live and work somewhere else and the choice was Bavarian Munich. After spending almost a year and posting about after a while would be a bit emotional and well it is.My life in Munich apparently has certain effects on me. A remarkable change in my life. With all wonderful moments, great friendships, lovely days, beautiful Munich offerings, I must confess that it has never been my city or the place where I want to spend rest of my life. Sorry for that, maybe a perfect city for others, but not for me.
For the ones who wanna give a visit to München, I will have some little tips, a mix of 10 months experience. Do not go there on the 1st of January, most probably you are fully drunk after a long new year party and can have the first shock feeling the freezing weather. Do not mind the jerks calling Dülferstrasse (or nearby Hasenbergl) as the ghetto area of Munich, cause there is no ghetto in Munich.

It is a city of wealth and comfort and luxury considering the life standarts. Ok, when you are out of Dülferstrasse UBahn (U2), get out of the exit and turn your asses to McDonalds over there and walk 100 m.s ahead (I loved this description, always:) On the right side, you will see my best ever pub in Munich, Black & White. Great meetings, friendships, cheap beer & tequila, hugs, leather black couches, friendly atmosphere, everything you d wish for. First thing I will never forget about Munich is my lovely B&W.
Second, BEER.

The most important thing God blessed Munich for. Beer everywhere, best beer ever, billions of different beer, swimming in beer, drinking with all your body, feeling the cold, bitter; feeling the StarkBier, feeling the BierGarten beer, feeling the Helles, Augustiner…Munich is the land of beer. Totally ! After a while, it’s so usual that you end your evening with bottles of beer in your beer belly. Met some guys over there who do not like drinking beer, please leave the city, immediately.
Third, I wrote 5 different live stream posts about, but still want to mention about it. Oktoberfest. A 6 million drunken beer festival, nothing the most interesting and most surprising, but for sure worth to visit at least one whole day. Be there and get drunk. For more info, read this, that, das, der or die.
If you already have spent some time in the city, you can start to think that not the most coolest and flexible people live around. But, as everywhere, and as I have met, you will find amazing friends over there, still most of them, internationals 🙂 But do not give up, there are also many cool Bavarian flavoured Germans surviving somewhere in the corner. Go and find them.
Take the UBahn again, watch some non-smiling faces, all around dogs, reading 5.000 pages books citizens, hear the same door closing quote ‘Bitte zurück bleiben’. Have a tour in the city, not much to offer, some Marienplatz and around, my Turkish neighborhood and lovely Kebab environment Hauptbahnhof, OlympiaPark, some lakes, green and greener parks, Isar River, Englischer Garten, and that’s all, believe me. A so much beautiful city, but I do not think so touristic.
Meet people who are so unaware of German politics, Berlin Wall, East & West, etc..Read the Bayerische Partei propoganda who wants to homogenize Bavaria and even seperate from Germany 🙂 Funny guys. Watch at least one football match in Alianz Arena.
Do not worry, almost everyone speaks English so well. Even when you ask them whether they speak or not, dunno maybe because of modesty, they tell you ‘a little’ where they speak fluent English 🙂
There are some guys who have stereotypes, never mind them. As a native Turk, I had some little arguments & problems, or my black, Arabian, Eastern, Far Eastern friends, etc.. It happens anywhere in the world depending on your country’s political and international position in traditional media. People are not so into reading, searching, travelling and learning first and then discussing. One more thing, you can see the police ‘Polizei’ almost in every corner. I am still thinking the government have so high idle costs about these uniformed guys.
About Nazi topic, you can be interested, but please be aware of the fact that these guys are knowledged and taught at least as much as you have been. With the smart guys, do not hesitate to discuss the topic. And know that most of them do not like Rammstein and do not know Accept, Motorhead or Scorpions.
Enjoy the lakes, green, clean environment, try some sports, ride a bike home, work, etc..These are the things which you can do in so few cities and Munich is obviously one of them.
Dear München, although I could not feel myself belonging to you, you have had a nice impact in my life. You are a lovely and so organized city, just not my type. And dear München friends, I will try to catch all of you somewhere around, for sure. You made my Munich days !
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3 Responses

  1. Cata says:

    I enjoyed a lot reading your post. You gave a very honest opinion of your experience, that sounds more like a friendly talk than a blog post.

  2. Cata, thanks much for your comment, glad to hear that you enjoyed the post. Have nice trips and keep in contact !


  3. izge isik says:

    bu sefer bocuklu fotomu koymadigin icin ben de thanx derim canim! 🙂 cuma ya gelince gorunce yazarim artikkk xxxx