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Over 5 years, I have been to several international organizations, attended several meetings and met thousands of people all around the world. So much fun, great friendships, discovering new worlds, so and so. Let’s pass the story part.

I realized that, after all those years, I am more and more selective in attending those meetings and one strong reason for that is all the bullshit stereotypes and aimless, meaningless intercultural conversations. On this post, I will try to explain what I mean with all the questions which have been asked to me through the ages 🙂 Just to let your brains out from your commercial TV programmes and common public insights.

faq turkey (frequently asked questions about turkey)

  • Onur, do you ride camels in Turkey ?
I would really love it, would be so much fun. But after our lovely brother USA funded us after 80s for highway constructions, we had to sell all of these lovely animals to JTI for advertising
  • .Are you Turkish ?  – Yes – So you do not eat pork
I admire your knowledge of religions stucked on a piece of meat, but well we mostly don’t eat, not necessarily of religious reasons only, but also why to eat whilst we have such delicious kinds of meat. But, well, schweinshaxe is quite delicious, I agree.
  • Ah, so you like Tarkan ?
Sure, even we weren’t able to see communism in Turkey, during past 20 years all the turkish guys have been obliged to listen to only tarkan songs.
Famous Turkish singer, Tarkan Image source : yabangee

Famous Turkish singer, Tarkan
Image source : yabangee

  • But how do you know skiing ?
Actually Turkey has some other cities and towns than Istanbul, Bodrum, Kuşadası and Antalya where you can find mountains, forests, etc…
  • You can not kiss your girlfriend before marriage, right ?
No, even you are not allowed to do it until your marriage is mature enough, between 5-10 years.
  • How come this Turkish girl is not with a scarf ?
Maybe she also wanted to be as OPENminded as you…
  • How did you learn English ?
By watching old Mr. Bean series…
  • You know also Arabic, right ?
Yes, as the languages are built on religions and I am also able to speak Malaysian, Persian and Bosnian.
  • Turkey – ah kebab ?
5 times a day we eat, starting early in the morning
  • Why is Turkish army still in Cyprus ?
We didn’t have enough place for mandatory military service in Turkey, this is why.
  • You killed 1 million Armenians !
This is an ongoing discussion and I personally can’t comment as I don’t have enough knowledge about it but you, who was the next author that you read after Orhan Pamuk ? That’s where you know all about the topic, right ?
  • How come you have green eyes ?
I was found in front of Basilica in Budapest when I was brought to Turkey, maybe this is why. Otherwise all Turkish guys are dark, black haired with a moustache and big belly, of course.
  • Do you think Turkey will be in EU ?
I hope not, seriously.
The list can continue forever, please you can still keep on asking some new brilliant questions in the comment part. I kinda lost my appetite trying to tell the facts about Turkey, but still I will enlighten you about my lovely lonely country as I did above. Or instead you can read a bit, have a visit sometimes, try to meet and talk to some natives, and try to discover yourself…I know it needs also a bit effort. Just, for God’s sake, stop asking those silly questions.


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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done 😉
    And please do not forget: But Muslim women do not work, should stay at home and take care of children and home. How come that you are working?

  2. Anonymous says:

    In attempt of “have a visit sometimes, try to discover yourself” and in searching of something really touching, for me Kapadokya is a must see place. Isn’t it? but unfortunately don’t posses so many knowledge’s about. So then, any recommendations, comments, advices, did you visited/you would like to visit it?

  3. @Anonymous, you can mail me when/how you are thinking to go there and I will write you a bunch of advices, please mail to me..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m an old fashioned woman who uses traditionally mail. But I’ll ask my grand-grand children to help me and I’ll write you the details by e-mail maybe in the near future.:P 🙂 Planning: in spring, by car, for 7-10 days? Thks a lot.