Monkey Business : Bucharest Zoo

I have liked visiting zoos since my childhood. Despite the bad conditions of most, these places are converging the urban life with the nature and wild life. Among all the zoos I have visited in different cities, Berlin Zoo was far ahead the best one.


Make love.

Today’s story is about Bucharest zoo, even November is absolutely not the best month for a visit as most of animals are resting and hiding warm inside. Plus, obviously, the zoo is not so well cared; you can notice that this place is not funded enough by the government as the condition of the cages, the must be natural environment for the animals, the food, etc..were not appropriate at all. As I saw in others also, the zoo is recognized as a place for school trips and families with little kids. But actually it’s a good chance to understand that we as human beings are sharing the world with the others. On the other side, it’s depressing to see these animals, most of them have to survive in really shit conditions. And nothing changes that zoos are simple animal prisons.

Besides all the animals, I have always kept most of my time in front of the monkeys’ cages. Probably, because they are the only ones that are closer to human beings. I don’t want to simplify Darwin’s theory, ┬áyou must accept that you will find some things from you, your friends..:)

Mole. Cutest of all.

Mole. Cutest of all.

If you haven’t been there yet, I can recommend a 2-3 hours of a spring/summer walk in Bucharest Zoo. For the ones who find me boring; you can pick up the option to go shopping in Baneasa Shopping City, 5km.s ahead ­čÖé Enjoy !

UPDATE : This post is written on 2010. And on 2014, my perspective how animals are treated in zoos and how they are thrown out from their natural lives has changed. It`s also true that they might not have the chance to survive in wild life, but still they should be where they belong to. Just when you are visiting a zoo, please only think that you would be there in that cage, walking up and down for years and years. 

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