Muenchen Mag Dich !

Where I lived in Munich for 10 months on 2009

Where I lived in Munich for 10 months on 2009


Most of the cosmopolitans around the world are in a big change, economically, socially, culturally and so on. But it seems like there is the capital of Bavaria, which never ever changes its style. It is Munich, the `Weltstadt mit Herz`/ I don`t know what you think about it, but obviously Muenchners enjoy the same beer, same square, same systems, same structure, same green, same peace/ I could see it live visiting the old town after two years.

Definitely not my criterias, but according to many city index rankers, Munich is selected as the most liveable city in the world. Again I could confirm myself that it`s not my type of city, but thanks to all friends who made this `touristic memorable trip` a totally relaxing and enjoying one. Check the photos, you will understand what I mean…

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