Gezi Park Resistance


It has been more than a week now Gezi Park Resistance (GPR) is still hot and will be, hopefully. You have read tens of articles and saw hundreds of photos most probably and I will try to add one more post to have at least one more person informed. This post will be updated daily with the (r)evolution of GPR.

Update : 30 June 2013




So now, it`s been exactly one month since GPR started. It started as a naive protest of few environmentally-conscious citizens right in the middle of Gezi Park, Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey. It was one of those protests that have never taken place on the news and usually haven`t been followed up by majority of people of Turkey. The first reaction to the protest was brutal, police raid with gas and tear bombs. It was the first fire turning it to the biggest social movement in the last 30 years of Turkey.



Police attack on defenceless citizens was not acceptable. Next day, the crowd was bigger. `The problem in fact was not the destruction of `a couple of trees`, it was essentially about demanding basic human rights or the right to demand rights`(


The crowd reached to thousands, hundred thousands and millions of people and spread to whole Turkey. Police raid continued and ended up with 4 dead, 11 lost eyes and almost 8,000 injured (Turkish Physician Union).

What happened in Turkey ?

Videos tell much more about words, sometimes. When you have time, please watch all the videos below in order to understand why GPR was not a simple protest but a change of mentality, trust, facts and one of the biggest movements for human rights and democracy.

Everyone got something else for herself/himself from past month. Everyone commented with different views and perspectives. It was the only month that I felt sorry that I could not be there. It was the most traumatic social movement experience in my 28 years life. What I saw, learned, absorbed from GPR is the following :

  • Youth of Turkey has shown that politics is not only done with parties. You don`t need to support a political party to ask for your basic rights.
  • Turks tried to understand the Kurds, nationalists tried to empathize with the gays and lesbians, religious people learned how to walk with secularists, football fans showed how to walk together, students came together with their teachers, mothers took out their kids to the streets, Alevis, Sunnis, Arabs, Atheists, Armenians and all the minorities resisted for the same rights. I have never seen such a unity in Turkey before.
  • Mindset changed about hope.
  • Revolution was never televised and traditional media dropped like a rock. Media will not be recognised as before, ever again.
  • Thousands of people met Twitter. Social media has risen and usage diversity of social media has been progressed. It`s the new media for the next generations.
  • Trust in police also dropped like a rock if there was any.
  • Opposition got a meaning.


Movement will be continuing. If not on the streets, it will be carried to the parks. If not in parks, it will be in minds. The basic idea of protecting the right of living dependently will be evolved. Citizens of Turkey will learn how to be tolerant, respectful to different ideas, life styles, religions and opinions. Peaceful protests will be the norm. Maybe not immediately, but soon or later effects of GPR will be significant.


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