Benelux Trip at Age 30 : Bruges

Bruges (Brugge in original) is the last destination of our Benelux trip, after Brussels and Amsterdam. Even I always heard of it in travel blogs as a city worth to see, my knowledge was limited to the movie that I watched years ago.

Bruges is an ancient city under Unesco`s world heritage site protection and more important is that the city was not ruined in First & Second World Wars. Once you take off the train in Brugge main station, all you need is just to follow up the crowd. This city with 100000 inhabitants receive 2 million tourists per year. I am pretty sure Bruges citizens should be happy of huge tourist groups for economical benefits, but I would not say the same for their daily routines and social lives.

Bruges Train Station

Tourist Groups Heading to Old Town Bruges


When we were heading to the old town, we passed through several tiny houses that were belong to locals. And I was feeling like I should be ruining the routine in this small city.

If I may talk about the city, I have to first tell that Bruges has the cutest square I have ever seen. It was like a theatre stage. Look at this.

Best alternative in Bruges is joining a boat tour. Instead of wandering in the old town or climbing up Belfry, taking a boat is worth to do. It`s a 40 minutes tour which you discover most of Bruges and reach places that you would not be able on foot.

For the ones planning to visit Bruges – that`s a one day city. No more, no less. A full day walking city Bruges is. It`s a city that metropolitan citizens would never get used to. In short, history and architecture lie on the river in Bruges; cartoons and golden girls salute them.

Au revoir!

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