Summertime in Mamaia

I mentioned about Romanian seaside before. Romanian beaches are not promoted enough. Still there are several Romanian beaches that you can enjoy your summer.  Mamaia, Vama Veche, Eforie Nord, Neptun, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Olimp. Eforie Sud, 2 Mai, Cap Aurora, Costinesti are some of these nice beaches.

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Of course there is no need to compare with Mediterranean and Aegean resorts in Turkey and Greece. Romania borders with Black Sea, which does not have the best conditions for swimming and sunbathing. Moreover you will not find the most comfortable and entertaining resorts in Romania.

However, you should know that you can swim in Romania. You can spend your summer holiday in Romania.

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This is what we are trying to do every summer. Either it`s a daily trip or a long weekend holiday, we try and will try to spend our summer days in South-East Romania.


Mamaia is the best known resort in Romania with more investments in tourism infrastructure. This is a small town in Constanta which is occupied only in summer time, between June and September. Summer is comparatively short in Romania, so there are not enough investments in hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. The prices go up in mid-summer in order to cover up the whole year costs.



Most of the hotels are renovated from communist time origins. They are 3 or 4 star hotels that are equipped with minimum requirements. On north side of Mamaia, there are new residences and boutique hotels with better conditions. This part is called Năvodari. There are beach clubs in Năvodari such as Fratelli beach club that you enjoy the sea in day time and you continue with clubbing at night till morning.


Mid-June is the start of the peak season and season continues until mid-September. So if you are lucky enough, you have 3 months summer time in Mamaia. You have many options for eating out, although they are not the best quality. Pizza and Hamsi (fish) are my only preferences. Even you can find public beaches, mostly you find yourself in a private beach that you need to pay 15-50 lei if you want to have a lounge.


Unlike Mediterranean people, Romanians are not fan of swimming. On the seaside, 50% of people sunbath, 30% of them either take selfies or make kiting. Around 20% of visitors enjoy the sea by swimming.


Each beach club seems to have own style. Some of them play loud music, have beach dancers and welcome silicone hot girls and muscled boys showing off on the beach. Some others welcome only families with kids shouting, crying and playing around. Some others are more silent, good for reading, listening to music and swimming with clear water. You decide where to go. Our favorite is definitely Năvodari, both for its community and the clean sea.


You might have never heard of Mamaia before. Please take a holiday and visit Romania if you are into crazy night parties and beach clubs. You will find much more than you can think of.


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