Weekend Trip to Varna

You may have heard this Balkan city, but probably never have been. Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria with 365,000 inhabitants. Bulgarians` most favourite seaside resort was once home to the oldest golden treasuries in the world.

You can arrive in Varna by ferry, train, car or plane. We headed from Bucharest by car and it approximately takes 3,5 hours on the road. Keep in mind that you need to pay for `vignete`, road tax, at the border – 10 Leva for weekend. Lev(a) is the Bulgarian currency that has fixed exchange rate. As Bulgaria expects to join in Euro Union, they fixed the rate as same as old Deutsche Markt : 1 EUR = 1.95 Leva.


Varna is neither a city of culture, nor history. It`s a Slavic weekend seaside town. To me, Varna is divided into three. Outer part is the residential area. In between come the walking & shopping streets. Inner part is Sea Garden and Varna beach.

In Varna, you spend most of your time in Sea Garden, the largest park in Balkans. It`s also called Primorski Park. I admired park`s name that represents its location bordering Black Sea. All families with kids are in the park. Street shows are presented here. There is an aquarium and dolphinarium and olympic swimming pool inside the park. There are two museums that you can visit. All corners are decorated with sculptures and monuments. While you are walking in the park, you can simply go down the stairs and there you are on the seaside.

Sea Garden

ps: We haven`t been to Dolphinarium in Sea Garden. You should not. Because they are keeping dolphins in this tiny pool. Watch the video below. No way to go out. They are kind of prisoned inside the pool for entertaining humans. That`s sad and insane.

Let`s go down the stairs in Sea Garden. Tens of pubs and restaurants will be welcoming you on the seaside. On daylight you can have a drink at lounges and jump into the sea, then back again to your glass of …These lounges / cafes turn to clubbing after at night. Either you choose a dirty party club or a beach club / pub. Finally our recommendation comes. Start your day on the beach at Cachaca Bar. Spend all day swimming, tanning, sunbathing and drinking. In the afternoon taste all delicious seafood at reasonable prices in Nord. Then take your mojitos lying on a sofa in Bar Cubo. If you prefer French cuisine, have a lovely dinner at Merci. Finalize your night back at Cachaca Bar, dancing through the night on beach.



After seaside, you can have a long walk on Knyaz Boris Boulevard. Varna does not have much to offer except two-three churches, a cathedral, an opera house, a culture center and Roman baths. Actually Roman baths seem to be interesting for a 4 Leva visit. These are the public baths of Odessos, very well preserved.


If you are looking for a hotel, Graffit Gallery can be your choice. It`s selected as Travellers` Choice 2015 in tripadvisor.com. It has a perfect location, just at the entrance of Sea Garden. It`s 5 minutes walking to Varna`s main streets. Rooms are large and cozy. Breakfast is surprisingly rich. However I would not say the same thing for the staff. They should be more open for answering clients` requests & questions.

What else?

Hamsi and Bulgarian beer, Zagorka.

Golden girls. Calm and peaceful unlike high heels midnight beach clubbers.

Bulgarian sacramento.


Short of the long, Varna is not a second time place, but a first time must-go place. It will surprise you definitely with its warm people, charming seaside, relaxing lounges, all night long pubs.

Enjoy sea capital of Bulgaria.


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