Welcome to World, Defne

Dear Defne,

I am your mother`s sister`s husband. Yes, I can see your poker face J You will understand soon that relationships in Turkish families are quite complicated and voluminous. So shortly call me `uncle – eniste` and let me call you `niece – yegen`.

Welcome to this wonderful and cruel world.

You are born in a hospital in Kadikoy. I hope this district will remain as cool as now. So never forget the name `Kadikoy`

I am posting this from Romania. You have no idea about Romania, right? Well I will be telling you lots of stories from Romania when you are grown up.

And let me draw a picture of Turkey`s today. We are in Ramadan, most people are fasting right now. There were elections recently and now 4 political parties are trying to form the government. We have passed through tough years as citizens of Turkey. In the future, you will read a lot about these days on internet. Less humanism, less safety, less women rights, less human rights, less education and more vanity, more rudeness, more materialism, more egoism, more racism. And Gezi. Do not forget this name, Defne.

But still you are born to one of the most charming, interesting and fun country, country of humor. You have world wonders in your country. You still have the most hospitable and veteran people in your country. You are born to the obviously best cuisine in the world. Be sure that you will eat the best food in the world.

Be also prepared for below cases. You will only experience them in Turkey.

  • You don’t always use turn-signal lights of the car. You can turn left, taking your left arm out of the window.
  • You leave the most delicious part of a food, to the last. You also put salt in any food before tasting it.
  • Immediately after traffic lights turn from red to green, you should horn.
  • You should feel the soap opera, you should talk to characters while watching it. And if possible, you should cry after each episode.
  • Keep walking in the middle of the road. If a car horns at you, shout at them.
  • If a table is not stable at all, fold up a paper and put it under the table.
  • Grow your plants and flowers in a yoghurt pot.
  • If you are lost, ask anybody the address, but never trust any of them.
  • 90s` childhood was the best, have a look at these photos to understand us.
  • Check the gas leak with your lighter.
  • Pay thousands of liras for electronics but do not download any original games, music, apps, etc. Find the cracks.

List goes on, dear Defne. You will learn all these, be patient 🙂

Ok, now you are crying and probably you need to be burped.

My only advice to you is the following:

Love your country, but do not apotheosize it. Love your people, but do not trust them. Do not abstract yourself, but also do not be fanatic about anything. Make your own rights. Love your father and mother, but do not always follow them. Educate yourself first. Do not be `nice girl` because others want you to be. Be free, think free. Love the nature, you might not find any when you are grown up. Travel a lot. Meet new people. Do not ever be a smoker.

Wish health, joy and peace to you, Defne.


Defne Yaprağı

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