Donate and Let Gülce Smile

I would like to announce a crowd funding campaign that started in one of the largest online communities in Turkey, eksisozluk.  I don’t know her, I don’t know her family. But I know that this campaign will be successful and it will help a little girl walk again.


Gülce is a 9 years old girl. She has a Cerebral palsy and her cure is in Belgium. She was paralyzed after   heavy meningitis when she was 8 months old. Governorship already approved accepting donations, so everything is pure legal and real.

Get to know her in below video.

Please share the news and if you have even 5 Euros, let it go for her new life.

Your help would be more meaningful in this Ramadan month, as it`s a month of solidarity and public spirit.

As of today, 120,000 Turkish Liras is collected and more 30,000 Turkish Liras to go. Afterwards she will have a surgery in Belgium and re-gain 85% of her walking ability.

Donations can be only done via money transfers to Ziraat Bank in Turkey, to below IBAN.

Beneficiary Name : Barış Kurşun

IBAN : TR27 0001 0008 3672 2913 9850 02

Update, 30 June 2015 :

150,000 TL is collected and Gülce is taken to the surgery. We hope she will come back, walking.

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