Turkish Gourmet 101: Aşure

Now, I will introduce you  a complete vegan Turkish desert. It has a religious background that is believed, on the 10th day of Muharram (month of an Islamic calendar), Noah`s ark arrived in Mount Ararat and Noah`s family celebrated their rescue with a special dish. As they had very limited resources, they combined anything they could find to prepare this special dish, Ashura (Aşure). Since then it`s a tradition in Turkey which Asure is cooked in each house and shared with beloved ones, relatives and neighbors, without regard to the recipient’s religion or belief system as an offering of peace and love. 

You can read the history more here.

Aşure stands unique among other Turkish desserts as it contains no animal products, so completely vegan.

Some people believe to keep ten ingredients as Asure means tenth, but Alevis believe it should include 12 ingredients. But anyhow Asure is the most well-known vegan desert in Turkish cuisine.

So ingredients might include wheat, rice, beans, chickpeas, sugar, dried fruits, nuts, orange peel, cinnamon…List can be prolonged.

If you intend to prepare asure, you can find the tariff here

Or let me share my delicious plate that Mrs Trippie prepared with patience, love and ambition.

These are the ingredients she used.

This is the final destination.

asure trippie

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