Bucharest Christmas Market

bucharest christmas

Bucharest Christmas Market is not one of these traditional European christmas markets, but definitely it will be one of them. It`s been only 4 years since Bucharest keeps the tradition of having a christmas market at the centre of the city.


The market is built in Piața Universității, 0 km. point in Bucharest. It is open for about a month during December, welcoming hundred thousands of people. I personally am visiting Bucharest Christmas market since its opening in 2012. Every year, organisers put another brick on it. Every year, it`s much more organised, attractive and more teasing.

It`s not yet Vienna market which is there since 1772, but it grows up very fast.

bucharest christmas market 2

In 2015, first thing that takes my attention is the high security level. They almost doubled security guys compared to last year. Second, the exterior and interior design. It is now much more visible that there is a specific christmas market in that area. It is clearly surrounded by fences that have 3-4 exit / entrance points. There are almost 150 little huts with various kinds of products, food, home-made decoration, village honey, glass, fur, etc…

glass bucharest christmas

My favourite is this couple who makes 100% glass hand-made stuff.

bucharest xmas market 1

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