North Cyprus Trip

It was exactly 8 years ago on December when my uncle shortly invited me to an event in North Cyprus. I remember that I was rushing to the Cyprus plane, leaving the master degree exam (ALES) earlier than I should have left. I grew up with stories of 1974 Cyprus operations and it was my time to see what has happened in Cyprus.

cyprus overview

from plane

Northern Cyprus is a self-declared state only recognised by Turkey. International community takes North Cyprus as part of Republic of Cyprus. As a result of that, there are no international flights, no international aids, no foreign tourists to North Cyprus. South Cyprus is a member of EU and is fully recognised by European countries, except Turkey. The situation is awkward as the island needed full support of Turkey in last 40 years. It is fully dependent on Turkey for economic, military and political support. This should change, apparently and island should not be separated as Greek and Turkish anymore. Well, that`s all politics.

I visited three main cities in Cyprus, Kyrenia, Magosa and Nicosia. Kyrenia is the beautiful coast of Cyprus. Magosa is the border city where you can see the emptied border line between Greek and Turkish side. Nicosia is the official capital of Cyprus.


We were invited to an organisation held in a luxury hotel in Kyrenia. That was a sales force event of a well-known paint brand. There are several companies in Turkey that organise events in Northern Cyprus. Actually that`s all about Cyprian tourism, as international tourism agencies do not recognise Cyprus as an independent state. Cyprus was under British authority until 1960s and that`s why traffic flows still on the left side as in Great Britain. Cypriots have few universities, governmental institutions, banks and private institutions that are mostly ran by Turkish management.

When we were traveling in the country, you don`t see production, manufacturing, agriculture. You don`t see crowded markets. You don`t see investments. You see a country that is fully dependent on its mother country, Turkey. Of course, this situation triggers the increase of prostitution, gambling and corporate tourism. These 3 things represent the country`s incomings.


Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Namik Kemal Prison, Brutality Museum were few interesting places to visit during our Cyprus trip. You can get more insights in this guide, though.

Last but not least, I want to dedicate this post to my grandfather who passed away.

R.I.P grandpa.


me in lala pasha

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