Turkish Gourmet 101: Tarhana Corbasi

Freezing winter evenings. That should be what I am getting used to recently. Once you get home with your cheeks shriveled, a warm soup is irrevocable. And that soup is Tarhana. Besides, Tarhana Corbasi (soup) does not only represent a life saver in cold times, but is also a tradition and even a status symbol in Turkey.

I clearly remember Tarhana was associated with poors` daily soup, therefore some kids raised stereotypes against this wonderful food. The origin of Tarhana goes to Greeks, Persians, Turks and Ottomans, depending on the source. As in many recipes, origin discussions might never end. So it is better to keep the origin topic away.

Though, Tarhana is most probably the most traditional soup in Turkey. From west to east, in every household, specific smell of Tarhana will amaze you. However, you will not be able to order Tarhana in ordinary restaurants. This is definitely not a restaurant soup. It requires hard work, protection, home feeling and constant smell.

Tarhana is cooked at homes and eaten at homes. In many cases, “it’s what parents make and send to their kids who are away at uni or working away from home just so they can be sure their offspring are at least eating one sensible meal occasionally.“(Ref: turkeysforlife.com)

Wikibooks explain Tarhana Çorbası as a Turkish soup made from a fermented and dehydrated mix of flour, yogurt, onions, tomatoes and green peppers.

You can follow below sites to learn all the ingredients,  prepare and cook the soup.

Tarhana Soup – The Ultimate In Turkish Recipes?

Delicious Istanbul

Youtube video – how to prepare Tarhana

A seasonal cook in Turkey

You can even order home-made Tarhana from this trustful website : Tarhana Baba

Or last but not least, welcome to our home and enjoy Erdek/Ankara home-made and Bucharest home-cooked Tarhana with us 🙂

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