Cișmigiu Gardens, Bucharest

I have no idea why Cișmigiu Gardens, Bucharest (Parcul Cișmigiu) is my favourite park in Romania. Maybe it is because I`ve lived in the neighbourhood for a long time. Whenever I can find time, it is a big pleasure to make escapes to Cismigiu. This park is definitely much different than others in the city. First of all, it is in the heart of the city. Second, it smells history. Third, it is a great place to observe Bucharesteans.

Cișmigiu Gardens, Bucharest

The park has a large circular alley where dozens of Romanian writers` sculptures welcome you. Alley is surrounded by an artificial lake which can be used for ice skating in winters. There are monuments as memorials of French and American soldiers who lost their lives in World War 1 and 2.

Park is built on 1847 by two Germans, Carl Meyer and Franz Horer. The word cișmigiu comes from Turkish. It refers to the person who administrates and maintains fountains. In that time, this person was also living inside the park, so the name remained as it is afterwards, as a respect to Meyer. After Meyer, it was Germans who continued to take care of the park. Rebhuhn was the guy who redesigned the park to present-day appearance. Caragiale, an important Romanian writer and poet, visited Cismigiu several times and included stories from the park in his plays.

likeatrippie cismigiu

This is why Cismigiu is a perfect place to get pieces of Romanian history. Moreover, it`s where kids and elder people come together in one place. During the day, you see hundreds of kids playing in its kinder gardens. Just nearby, you see hundreds of grandmas and grandpas sitting and chatting on the benches. It`s a place of sunrise runners and late night drinkers. It`s a place of adolescent lovers and bohemian activists.

While surrounding through the park, I recommend you to listen to this song. Enjoy the Cismigiu!

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