Constanta Coast Road Trip

Stepped into age 31. Once again in Romania. It was a one day explore of Constanta seaside, stopping by each coast below.

We started from Mamaia on the north to Vama Veche on the south, close to Bulgaria border.

constanta map

Romania does not have a long summer. Hotels and resorts enjoy bookings only for 2 months. This is one of the main reasons summer tourism is not well developed in Romania. Once you book your holiday on a Romanian coast, all you can expect is an old-communist bloc converted into a 3 stars new century hotel, low quality restaurants and service, all day & night beach parties, mostly tanning-sometimes swimming locals.

On the other side, Black Sea is always beautiful, wavy and testy. It is always a great thing to live by the sea, to live in a city with the sea. Otherwise, like us, you miss it a lot.

That `sea` trip made my 31th birthday even more special.

Most places were closed except a seaside restaurant in Vama Veche on Bulgarian border. Pay attention that official seaside opening is 1 May in Romania, but all close on 2nd May. Next official opening is mid June. So until that time, do not expect much. Just enjoy the Black Sea, waves, sand and smell of the lovely sea.

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