Turkish Gourmet 101: Gül Böreği

Börek represents a morning practice, part of a preparation for guests and best accompanying food to tea in Turkey. It was a well-known cuisine in Ottoman times and therefore it is popular in Eastern and Balkan culture. It has tens of varieties and today`s recipe is home-made Gül Böreği with potatoes and cheese.

You need yufka (Turkish flatbread), olive oil, yoghurt, mineral water (soda), eggs (optional), boiled potatoes, white cheese (lor, cow cheese, sheep cheese or feta), salt, black pepper, red pepper (optional) and sesame (optional) for the preparation.

You first flatten yufka on a hard surface. Smash the potatoes and cheese and add all the spices into. Lay yoghurt, soda and egg mix on the yufka. Put your previously prepared ingredient on the corners of your yufka and roll it. You make the first roll and then make the second one around the first one. Make it spiral. Warm your oven and let your Börek half an hour in your hot oven. That`s it.

For a better understanding, you can watch below video.

Or you are welcome to us for a delicious home-made Börek prepared by Mrs Trippie.

Enjoy the silence 🙂

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