Summer Holiday in Romanian Seaside

It is unfortunate that others have no idea about Romania and its beautiful landscape. There are several reasons for that, definitely. There is lack of promotion, information, professional services and tourism management that Romania needs to handle. When talking about Romanian landscape, Romanian seaside is definitely a beautiful part of it. Even though, summer is quite short about 2.5 months in Romania, it is not the main reason why even Romanians do not prefer spending summer holiday in their own country. Then why not a Summer Holiday in Romanian Seaside ?


First reason is the high prices in seaside resorts. Owners try to handle all year expenses in 2 months so prices boom that most of Romanians can`t afford. They prefer to drive to Greece, Bulgaria and even Turkey instead of paying over 1000 Euro for a week holiday in Constanta. Constanta is one of top 5 biggest cities in Romania where you can enjoy the sea, sun and beach. The city has more than 10 different resorts where we have already visited all. Check our last trip here. Second main reason is the low service quality in seaside resorts of Romania. There are so few places which respect clients, seek innovation and offer quality services. Although there are several points to be improved, one can enjoy the Black Sea by making a customized holiday plan. There are several hotels, hostels, beaches, restaurants on the seaside so that you can always find the ones that are appealing to you.

Among tens of different resorts, Constanta has two main destinations. One is Mamaia and other one is Vama Veche. Mamaia is represented to be the posh, elegant, `fitze` resort whereas Vama Veche welcomes low budget tourists, hippies, free souls and campers. Well, if you compare these two destinations to each other, it might be true. But thinking globally, neither Mamaia is the elegant nor Vama Veche is the hippiest.

I will give you few tips based on our objective observations. In the end, it`s totally you who can find what fits you best.

Mamaia has four parts: Perla, Centre, Mamaia Nord and Navodari. We have seen all beaches and our favorite seems to be Navodari. Perla is the entrance to Mamaia, full of crowd, low cost beaches and places. Centre is where tons of ex-communist hotels are welcoming local tourists offering private beaches, beach parties, dancers, cocktail on the beach and shitty seaside. My recommendation is to stay somewhere between Iaki and Isoletta beaches. Third one is Mamaia Nord where giant night clubs occupied the beach such as Ego, Fratelli, Biitiful, Le Gaga, etc. It`s the new trend party zone. Music is loud, drinks are expensive, guys are tattooed and girls are silicon. Last one is Navodari which is at the north of Mamaia. It`s pretty new destination. Beaches are quite natural and so as the beach restaurants. If you want to rest peacefully, enjoy the seaside yourself not showing off and eat some delicious seafood then this is your destination. My definite recommendation is Merlin where we ate one of the best fishes in Romania.

Vama Veche is one part. There are several beaches with different names, but there is no logic behind it. You enter Vama from a tiny main street down to the seaside and you have the beach, beach bars, local sellers, etc. Vama Veche consists of different type of visitors : Students, hippies, pretending to be hippies, beggars, oldies but goldies, Harley Davidson gang, heavy smokers, plaza employees seeking for something different, etc, etc…Unfortunately seaside and restaurants are not that clean. Except few hotels that are occupied months before, there are many small pensions that you can stay. Prices are slightly better than Mamaia. Nights are with more alcohol, smoke and dance in Vama where it`s more with clubbing, dancers, paid tables and mini shorts in Mamaia.

For accommodation, I would not recommend any places – as they are more or less at same quality – until our stay in Hotel on Plonge Jr. This is a 4 stars hotel in Mamaia – Perla, just opposite Aqua Park, with a lake view. I can easily say that service quality is much better than all the rest I have experienced in Mamaia. Employees are friendly, breakfast is very good at Romania standards and rooms are big and clean. Moreover, it has an amazing lake view where you can sit all day and listen to Jazz.

Decision is yours. Even though there are a lot to do for improvement, Romanian seaside offers entertainment, cold Black Sea in hot summer days, different type of beaches and more. You can even think of a short 3 days holiday for a baby moon 🙂

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