Turkish Gourmet 101: Firinda Kiymali Kabak

I have spent almost 10 years, single, living on my own. In these 10 years, I had almost no extra effort to get used to cooking. My menu did not go more than 5 minutes chicken fry or all-in-one omelette. Since I got married, I got used to (or had to ­čÖé spending some value added time in the kitchen.┬áJoy of trying something new, exploring Turkish cuisine and sharing the preparation workload is something new for me. This is why I added a new category to Trippie, named Turkish Gourmet.

Anyways, this time, we have Firinda Kiymali Kabak (Zucchini with Minced Meat in the Oven) in our menu. First, let`s see the ingredients.

Zucchini, mincemeat, onion, tomatoes, tomato paste, olive oil, cheese and spices. You mix them all and let in the oven. That`s it.


  1. Prepare the zucchinis and slice them into thin pieces.
  2. Let them in the oven for half an hour.
  3. Mix mincemeat, onion and tomatoes in a pan and fry them for short time.
  4. Pour the mix on the zucchinis, add olive oil and spices for 10 more minutes.
  5. Put slice of cheese on top of your mix and let all in the oven for 5 more minutes.
  6. Serve with love.

This is our tariff but there are various versions as below.

Nefis yemek tarifleri 




I sincerely believe Turkish cuisine is definitely nr. 1 in the world, with all flavors, spices, thousands of recipe types, etc. Hence, I am not the only one thinking this way. Check this one, that one, another one, the one here, etc.

Then it is time to enjoy a home-made `Firinda Kiymali Kabak`, prepared with love of my wife, Deren.

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